Hair Stylish ช่างทำผมของร้าน Finesse Professional Salon

Dear valued Clients,

ช่างทำผม คุณmacThis is my first introductory message for the launch of our Finesse Hair Salon website . I am Mac the Creative Director at Finesse and I want to take this opportunity to thank and share my inspirations with all our esteemed clients and supporters who have helped us to grow Finesse to what it is today!

My partner Khun Pat and I  started Finesse with the simple Mission that “our team will provide each of our clients with an individualized design  experience so that they feel delighted and confident with the way they look each day!  “

In my opinion , the best & current trend is not really a trend simply because each of us is unique and we don’t fit  into these mega trends.   I believe as  a designer I must first  understand each of my clients unique  needs, hair and face structure and lifestyle.  Taking all of these into consideration my consultation with you is so that we share together then you will feel confident before we begin to create at our salon.

Each clients life changes and trends also change so in my philosophy every time i see a client back at Finesse it is a wonderful opportunity to get back in touch and consult with what is new and create again!

Your consultation begins in the warm and boutique style atmosphere of Finesse.  Every hair analysis starts with me  understanding your hair texture in its most natural form . I will share with you from my many years, of  experience as a teacher and designer the pros and cons of a certain hairstyle or color for you .

Khun Pat and i will also  share our  knowledge with you based on years of training on how best to manage and care for your hair and scalp.

I am a trainer and designer  specialized  in hair coloring and accents to bring out that WOW! in you.    It is my greatest passion to deliver that perfect hair color tone required of our clients . Hair coloring is both creative and technical.  So it is crucial to have the perfect mix of chemicals to achieve the exact choice of colors and shades that fit with you.  My international working experience with top salons and global colour brands has given me the experience to hopefully fulfill your wishes.

My dream is that each of your visits  to Finnese Hair Salon will be a a holistic creative experience . From the moment you step  in , we make sure that we provide you with the highest level of technical knowledge,  creativity and comfort .  You should feel  totally
relaxed , Chill  and rejuvenated and above all , feeling fulfilled that  our hair artistry is best suited for you .

Feel more than free to pop by our website to check on our latest updates and we @ Finesse , are looking so very much forward
in welcoming you to visit us @ any time of your convenience .

Let’s  create something prefect for you!


ช่างทำผม คุณ patDear clients,

When my partner Khun Mac and I started Finesse Salon I started with a dream for Finesse…. I wanted to create a boutique salon where each client’s visit to us will provide an opportunity  to escape the busy life in Bangkok and take time in a polite atmosphere to receive the very best hair artistry.

I like to live a healthy life with exercise and good food.  In the same way at Finesse we  like to choose the best  products for your hair,  scalp and long term treatment.

I have a passion  for detail in all that I do.  Our clients are top professionals in Thailand and from around the world.    I get joy in creating hair cuts and styles that  make our clients look and feel ?great so that they can be the very best at what they you do each day!

At Finesse we aim to create hair artistry,  in an environment that feels like your with friends and with healthy ingredients and top technicians that you will trust.   We at Finesse Salon aim to make you feel confident that you have the very best!

Let us take care of  you.


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